In this sensory evaluation test we stack up your product against competitors in the same category to provide a sensory landscape that highlights drivers of uniqueness and innovation opportunities.

Our trained sensory panel generates detailed product sensory profiles that can be used for a direct competitor comparison or as a benchmark in product development.

Our proprietary methodologies provide fast and affordable results.

Sensory Problem Solving

We are at your service to conduct sensory tests to help you solve problems relating to the sensory profiles of your products. For example, if you need to test whether a process/ingredient change significantly affects your product’s sensory profile, we can assist by testing your problem with unbiased and scientifically sound sensory evaluation methodologies.

Preference Mapping

In this sophisticated sensory evaluation, we talk to two panels.

Our highly trained sensory panel tells us what the products taste like and our target market consumer panel tells us how much they like each wine.

We use specialised data analysis techniques to create a preference map which shows drivers of liking within the product category.

We identify clusters of consumers who prefer certain flavour profiles and find out exactly why they like those products.

Our sensory insights provide guidelines for developing products with winning flavour profiles that will result in improved repurchase rates and maximised profitability over a product’s life time.

Independent Sensory Consultations

We provide independent and objective sensory consultation services.

These may include:

  • Independent assessment of your product sensory quality to serve as evidence in supplier/buyer disputes.
  • Assessment and optimisation of your internal sensory testing processes.

Tasting Notes

Entice consumers and trade partners with bespoke wine tasting notes crafted by a content writing professional.

Let your wine’s story unfold in a way that is targeted to a specific audience.

Sensory evaluation of wine

Sensory Evaluation Training

We provide introductory sensory training programs in sensory evaluation of food and beverages. Our training programs are customized to our clients’ needs.

The training is conducted by a sensory specialist with substantial experience in sensory evaluation and sensory training in corporate R&D and quality assessment environments.

Our introductory course framework consists of the following:

  • Introduction to basic principles of the sensory evaluation of food
  • Recognition of product specific sensory attributes
  • Application of a variety of sensory methods used in R&D and Quality Control environments

Wine Brand Strategy Solutions

Our one-stop wine brand strategy solution by experts in wine consumer behaviour, oenology, and sensory analysis.

This service is provided in collaboration with Basic Wine and Consumer Solutions.

We meet, consider your needs, and custom-design a plan of action to align sensory, brand attributes, and pricing according to target market dynamics using one or more of the following solutions:

  • Non-expert consumer research using surveys/interviews
  • Trained sensory panel testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Low-performing wine brand analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Consult with your team to ensure the brand strategy is integrated from vineyard to consumer
  • Independent analysis of in-house consumer & sales data
  • Consumer market research design
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