About Dr Louw

Dr Leanie Louw is the Managing Director of SenseLab and uses her wealth of knowledge and expertise in sensory science and oenology to manage operations. She holds a BScAgric, MScAgric (Cum Laude) and PhD in Oenology. She specialises in rapid sensory profiling methods and has more than a decade’s worth of experience in sensory analysis and corporate R&D.

Dr Louw has published several peer-reviewed research papers in leading food science and viticulture and oenology journals and has contributed to textbooks on the sensory evaluation of alcoholic beverages.

About the sensory panel

Our trained panel consists of individuals who have been carefully selected based on their tasting abilities. They are highly trained in the sensory evaluation of food and beverage products and provide  unbiased, independent, and scientifically sound outputs.

Our consumer panels are carefully selected according to our clients’ target markets.

About our partners

We have partnered with leading adjacent service providers to offer a full complement of service solutions.

Consumers In Focus for sensory product testing with consumers across the food and beverage industry.

Basic Wine for technical expertise in the wine industry.

Consumer Solutions for market insights in the wine industry.

Vinlab for wine chemical analysis.

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