We’re Now Servicing the Essential Oils Industry

essential oil fingerprinting

We’re very excited to announce that we have expanded into the essential oils industry. This stems from an informal partnership with the biotechnology experts at SciCorp Laboratories.

Together with SciCorp Laboratories we are offering a highly specialized fingerprinting package that includes chemical and sensory profiling (trained panel and/or consumer panels depending on the requirement). For tea tree oil we have expanded the package to include genotyping, looking at 20 markers, and we’re hoping to expand this capability to other oils soon. Of course, in line with our promise to offer services tailored to our clients’ needs, these analyses are available on an individual basis too.

Why fingerprint your essential oil product?

Your product’s chemical composition is linked to its quality, in terms of efficacy and the sensory experience of the end-user. The product’s chemical composition is one of the best indicators for quality. Due to synergies between compounds, it is only with sensory analysis that you can determine what the end-user will experience when they use your product.

Whether you profile your product to generate a gold standard against which all subsequent batches can be compared or whether you want to see how your product stacks up against the competitor – profiling is the key to a consistently better product.

For tea tree oil breeders we also offer genotyping services. Genotyping is a gateway into predictive breeding which will assist in yield optimization through ensuring that your cutting material is suited to your agricultural environment and that your agricultural processes are suited to the cutting material’s needs for optimal yield.

In short, we want to help essential oil producers to optimize their oils in terms of yield and quality.

Contact us to discuss your essential oil analyses needs.