Shaking it up in the dairy industry

Dairy sensory evaluation

Dairy meets alcohol

SenseLab started out in the alcoholic beverage market, so now that we are entrenching ourselves in the dairy industry, dairy innovations inspired by alcoholic drinks are especially exciting to us.

Häagen-Dazs has recently launched a range of alcohol-flavoured ice creams infused with real alcohol (0.5% ABV). Flavours such as Bourbon, Rum, Amaretto, Irish Cream, and Stout are enticing new additions to their existing range and will certainly appeal to adult consumers.

The winner of the 2018 World Dairy Innovation Awards was Amul with its Irish Drink Mocktail. Amul, India’s dairy brand leader, stole the show by producing an Irish Cream inspired milk drink. And the judges were obviously impressed!

SenseLab and the dairy industry

After a jam packed road show showcasing our joint capabilities with Consumers In Focus, we have had dairy projects streaming in at a rapid pace. It is so exciting to know that dairy companies in South Africa are investing in research to develop delicious new products as well as entrench their leadership with existing products and brands.

Our trained panel is doing a brilliant job in defining a lexicon for the appearance, smell, flavour, taste and mouthfeel of the dairy products that we’re working on as well as measuring the intensity of these attributes in our test products. And as an added bonus, it’s much more pleasant to taste sweet dairy products early in the morning as opposed to tannic red wines.

I’m excited about the value that we are adding to the dairy industry and I’m convinced that we will soon be seeing loads of new innovative products in this segment as a result of investing in SenseLab’s proprietary methodologies.

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