Welcome to SenseLab

SenseLab is managed by sensory science specialist, Dr Leanie Louw. We provide sensory evaluation services to the food and beverage industries. Our sensory science services offer fast, scientifically valid, and unbiased sensory research results with actionable recommendations.

For the CEO and business leader it will provide tangible ways to improve their return on investment and reduce risk; whereas for the winemakers and product developers it will provide unbiased product feedback and direction.

Our Sensory Science Solutions


Determine how your product’s sensory profile is perceived compared to its competitors.

Wine Tasting Notes

Entice consumers and trade partners with bespoke tasting notes crafted by a content writing professional.

Preference Mapping

Discover which sensory attributes drives liking in your product category for your target consumer.

Wine Brand Strategy Solutions

Align sensory, brand attributes and pricing according to target market dynamics.

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